Epic Road Trip 2011: Background

Epic Road Trip 2011: Background

This is the background for Epic Roadie 2011 and my fascination with road trips and this great country of ours.  If this is your first time here, I recommend you read the quick teaser about our Epic Road Trip 2011.

If I had $5 for every person that looked at me funny or asked me why did we decide to do a road trip from California to New York, I would be about $30 richer.  Well, even as cliche as it sounds, when others asked me “why?” I responded with, “why not??”

Not enough people do true road trips anymore.  I am not talking about driving 300 miles and calling it a road trip, okay, okay, we will call that a baby road trip.  I am talking about the ‘pack the kids in the station wagon, throw the dog back there too, pack it up and head across the country to see relatives’ type of road trip.  A National Lampoon kind of road trip.  Truck stops, rest stops, fast food, cheap motels and countless miles on the highway.

THIS kind of Road Trip!

Let’s just chalk this up as another in the long list of things that aren’t the way they used to be.  But you know what? That is ok.

Little did I know, June of 2006, a new precedence would be set.

2 Years

2 Trips

Over 6,700 miles

Wait… You thought I was done?



After our Epic New England adventure, ideas were kicked around for road trips that we needed to do next.  Canada, the North West, the deep south, Florida and Key West, etc.  With my work presenting some scheduling problems, I unfortunately missed out on a Hawaii trip, however, 2010 brought its own adventures, including changing jobs as well as my engagement and marriage to my soul mate.

My partner in crime

Juliet and I were married in September, and shortly after the first of the year, we knew 2011 was going to bring some big changes.  Juliet accepted a job promotion offer and relocation from Southern California to upstate New York.

Empire State of Mind

Mid-January I was able to turn in my 2 weeks notice, and thus begun the relocation planning.  Part of the planning also included some schedule jugging surrounding #epicroadie2011, but those details were quickly ironed out and the basic framework of #epicroadie2011 was laid.

March 4th through March 12th.

9 days

3600+ miles

Game On

Epic Roadie 2011, here we come.


Justin Hamlin

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  • Keeping your readers in suspense… smart man!

  • Love it!! Your graphics look amazing, and your sense of humor really shines through them. The suspense is really edgy, I’ll be looking out for more.

    • Glad to hear you liked it! Was definitely a fun style to create. Takes forever, but fun!

  • Love road trips. Especially epic ones! I’m sure great stories will come out of this one.

    • There were some definitely fun stories to come out of this, just have to figure the best way of getting them across in a blog. Post upcoming this week, hope you guys will enjoy it!

  • I am grinning from ear to ear, really made my day, love the amusing way you have put this across, and can see the National Lampoon connection. I reckon you guys would be awesome to do any sort of road trip or any kind of trip with. Great fun thanks

    • Thanks for dropping by and having a quick read, I do appreciate it! Glad you liked the background of the whole thing, working on the actual recap this week, should be fun to get some of the stories across in a blog!

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  • Awesome story! The road trips are crazy Justin! What great adventures you had! And now, you’re making me want to run across the country for a road trip. 🙂