Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto Friday is a new feature on Get Busy Livin’ and will run regularly, you guessed it,  every Friday.  This will be my opportunity to display some of my photography, as well as a short story to go with the photograph.

After my last update squeaking in sometime well after midnight a few weeks ago, I completely missed my entry last week.  Things have been crazy busy lately and we had friends in to visit last weekend, so I was nowhere near a computer on Friday.

Today’s entry into Foto Friday is a photo that I can gladly say required no post-edit.  What you see is how the camera took it.  The photo comes from a trip to Northern California wine country where my aunt and uncle live.  The trip was in August, 2008, about 2 months before harvest, so all of the vines were full and healthy with beautiful leaf colors and plenty of different varietals of grapes.  A small group of us were enjoying a picnic out at a table that was set up just a few yards away from the vines.  Amazing setting and a great trip.

The vineyard is that of Lava Cap Winery in Placerville, CA whose wines are as amazing as their vineyard is photogenic.  As you can tell by my 2nd Foto Friday update with a wine theme, Juliet, myself and all of our friends are definite wine lovers and have had the luxury of visiting every wine region in California and are now expanding our tastes to the New York wineries.

Camera – Canon Powershot SD750 | Exposure –  1/100 – F/8

Justin Hamlin

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  • Hmm was wondering why I hadn’t got a post from you in a while. That explains it all. Great shot as always!!!

    • Yeah, it has been a crazy few weeks, so the blog has suffered a bit. At this point it is still for fun, so paying customers come first.

      Glad you liked the photo!

  • Digging the composition and how it draws your eyes upward to the rows.

  • I actually just found the site so this is a great way to be welcomed with a great photo of a vineyard. If there wine tastes better than the photo looks I must have some.

    • Glad you liked it and welcome to the site!

      The Lava Cap Winery is awesome, so if you are in the north central California area, definitely check them out!