Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto Friday is a new feature on Get Busy Livin’ and will run regularly, you guessed it,  every Friday.  This will be my opportunity to display some of my photography, as well as a short story to go with the photograph.

Today’s photo is of Atlanta’s Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team.  The photo comes from one of our many visits to Atlanta, this time in September of 2007 when the Braves faced off against the Washington Nationals for a day game.

Having grown up watching, playing, following, loving baseball, it is a past time of mine that I enjoy to this day.  Juliet and I have been lucky enough to see baseball games at MLB stadiums all over the U.S., including, Atlanta.  This time was special as I have always been a fan of daytime baseball, so much so that whenever the Angels (my team, our home team when we lived in CA) would have a day game, Juliet, myself, friends and coworkers would ditch work to catch the game.  We got to see a day game with two of our best friends, enjoy the late summer/early fall weather, and spend some time in the south.

We had been to Atlanta in 2006 and got to watch a night game from the conference rooms out in left field.  In this picture, you can see them underneath the Delta scoreboard on the left.  This second time, we were seated 1 section back from the field on the first base line.  I walked around behind home plate to get a group of photos, and the weather was definitely cooperating, the shots came out great.

By the time this is posted on Friday, April 29, 2011, Juliet and I will be back in Atlanta and catching a Saturday day game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel XT | Lens – Tamron 11-17mm | Exposure –  1/320 – F/14

Justin Hamlin

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  • Dude, I am drooling at that baseball field. Great shot. You should see the pro diamonds that I am playing on down here. We are playing in a place called Gravel Bay this weekend, and like the name suggests, yep it’s a gravel pit. Supposedly center field is 3 feet cloped higher than home plate…. Should be interesting.

    • Glad you liked it Peter – Definitely thought of you as I was selecting this photo for Friday’s Photo.