Foto Friday – May 27, 2011

Foto Friday – May 27, 2011

When Mike and I embarked on our 2nd Epic Road Trip back in 2007, we had a much more lenient time frame than the previous year, and we also were not pulling a trailer either.  We chose to take a longer route and visit friends, family and other attractions along the way.

The only event that was pre-planned was a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The Brickyard. Tickets were purchased a few weeks in advance and did not disappoint. After taking 3/4 of a lap around the banked turns and backstretch of the track, the shuttle stopped just shy of the pagoda and let us out to take pictures and tell stories about the origins of the track, the bricks, the history.  This is one of many shots that were taken from the track, all of them worthy of being posted here (and might possibly be in future posts) but this one was chosen for the detail of the grooves in the track, with the tower at the end and the grandstands flanking the track on both sides, I thought it was compositionally one of the best.

Oh, and this week is the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Read more here.

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel XT | Lens – Tamron 11-17mm | Exposure –  1/400 – F/16

Any other motorsports fans out there?  Would love to see your pictures from the races!

Justin Hamlin

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  • Great photo – I like the angle that it’s not straight on, it feels like you’re speeding forward around a curve of the track.

    • Glad you liked it! It was such a fun time, probably 1 of like 30 I have from those few hours!