June 2: Take A Photo

Again, just like yesterday’s advice, pretty straight forward and to the point.  Hopefully you see a trend forming.  Simple, easy items to inject a little bit of creativity and a little bit of something new into your mind that show you how to get the most out of life.

You don’t need to quit your job, sell everything you own and travel the world, living out of a backpack.  If you want to, great, I support you 100%, but not all of us are in the position to live to that extreme.  Some of us need something little, like a reminder to take a break every now and then and clear your head. Or in today’s example, go take a photo.

It doesn’t matter if you have an expensive Digital SLR setup or just your 5 year old camera phone, or heck, even an old instant film camera.  Go take a photo of something in a way that you would have never looked at it before.  Get close up, frame the photo a different way, take it in black and white.  The goal here is to find beauty and find something new and beautiful in the things that surround you.

Here is an example of me putting this into practice:

In reality, the photo is of a cup of water, the regular, run of the mill kind of water that is served in restaurants around the country, maybe even the world?  But taken at an angle, with a close up focus on the lemon wedge and where it is hanging onto the cup, gives this photo some drama.  It gives it an artistic way to look at something as mundane as a cup of water.

Do you strive to see life in a different way?

Is everyone artistically inclined?  No, and I understand that, but almost everyone has a camera and a Facebook page. Or email. Or a friend.   Share that photo with your friends, family and acquaintances.  Share your view on the world. Share your story of the photograph.  Share yourself with someone else.  By sharing yourself, you allow yourself the opportunity to positively impact someone else’s life, but you also allow yourself the opportunity to have your life impacted by others.

Day 2. Way 2. Take a photo. Share it with the world.  Share yourself with someone else.  Make it beautiful.

Are you an outgoing or a shy person?

Are you one to share yourself with others, or are you introverted?

I would love to see your photos, so please share them here if you feel so inclined!

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  • Nicki aka momma2

    I am a very shy introvert. It’s true. I’ve worked on that over the years. I like to stop and take what I think is an artistic photo – you’ve seen a few. I like this simple, yet effective approach to stopping and smelling the roses moment.

    • Can’t wait to see some of your photos momma!  That is what I have been using my Posterous account for.  Great little phone application, posts to Facebook, twitter and Posterous, all from the phone.

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  • Can you elaborate on how you believe one can positively impact someone’s life through photos? What can a photograph capture that brings the most to its viewers?

    Calamari: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l273/remermaid/POSTS/IMG_0887.jpg

    • Great picture, just waiting for the little guy to come crawling out of the bowl.

      To me, artistic and creative expression in the way of photography is a view into how the person sees the world. To me, the typical “snapshots” only mean that the event is being documented, but that the person really was not involved in the photo. Granted, some people are just not photographers or artistic people, but even taking a picture and sharing it with someone is opening up the conversation for the basics of at least a compliment, and who knows what else. That compliment, that conversation, that smile that comes with either of those is enriching someone’s life. My perspective, at least.

      The way you took the photo below, with the calamari almost posed, the colorful sauce against the white bowl, shows me that you have a whimsical side, the fact that you posed it just perfectly. I like it.

      And see, all that from just one little photo.

  • I have a DSLR and take a lot of photos, but when I find I have a block I get out of my SLR camera and shoot film. Once I bought a disposable one with a fish eye, just to see things differently again.

    • To your point, I think that Digital Cameras have made us lazy.  No longer must we really work at crafting our photos, only to develop them later to see the fruits of our labor, now we can take 1000 photos, review them instantly in hopes that 1 is good.  

      I do like your idea of the disposable camera though, would be a fun experiment 

  • I post a photo everyday on my Tumblr page about things which I consider beautiful. I use it to remind me that despite all the crazy things that’s going on in the world, there are still so many things to be grateful for and that there are still so many things worth noticing. Photography is probably one of the best hobbies in the world!

    Life is beautiful. The world is beautiful. I still don’t understand why many people want to ruin them, but then again, I can’t understand everything. But, photos are truly powerful things. They can change the way we look at the world and its people, and I hope that the lens of a camera is all we need to spark change. 🙂

    • Not much to add here, just wanted to thank you for dropping by and the comment, it is appreciated!!

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