June 4: Hit the Road, Jack!

You heard me.  Leave. Scram. Go.

Get in your car, and go.  Drive.  Pick a destination.  200 miles away or 20 miles away.  The distance does not matter.  Hell, the final destination does not matter.  The journey is the true destination of a road trip.

Do not set a timeframe, do not set a milestone, just enjoy the open road.  Do your best to take the road less traveled, or the road that you have not traveled before.

Grab a friend, grab the wife, heck, grab the dog.  Pick a traveling buddy, point your car towards some open road and get going.

I really cannot recommend it enough.

As many of you might already know, my road trips, at least my last one, have been well documented.  Me, I do it big.

  • June 2006 – 2800 miles, 4 days, 3 friends and Interstate 40. Our first foray into road tripping. This was about the destination, though we got to see a ton of things along the way.
  • July 2007 – 3700 miles, 9 days, 2 friends and a ton of open road.  This time we took the long way, purposely going hundreds of miles out of the way to see the grandiose that is America
  • October 2009 – 800 miles, 11 days, 3 friends and some amazing scenery.  Purposely planning a few stops for a hockey game on the east coast as well as being “leafers” in New England. We spent days just aimlessly wandering and it was amazing.
  • March 2011 – 3800 miles, 9 days, 2 friends, 1 dog and some epic adventures.  Mardis Gras in 3 different states, one huge rainstorm, enormous world events and great friends across the country.

I have covered over 11,000 miles with my best friend since 2006 and it has been some of the best adventures I have ever taken.  You learn things about each other and yourself.  You get to see all that this country has to offer.  You are not under a timetable, so if you want to re-route your road trip to see a National Park, a National Monument, or heck, even a car stuck in the ground, you can do it.  There is freedom in a road trip.  Freedom in the open road, freedom in the schedule. Freedom in the mindset.

2006 California to North Carolina

2007 North Carolina to California

2009 New England Adventure

2011 Epic Road Trip 2011

Now, I understand that not all road trips can be open ended, but even given a few days, a road trip can provide a great source of entertainment, education and a lifetime of memories.  In any part of the country there are a plethora of roadside attractions, hole-in-the-wall eateries, dive bars, beaches, forests, rivers, mountains and everything in between.  Get away from your daily life.  Get away from the computer, away from the desk job, away from all that is familiar. Explore the world around you.

The road awaits.

To pass along a link to one of the number of blogs out there that detail available road trips, here are 4 great road trips that are food-centric.

Day 4. Way 4. Hit the road. Roll down the windows. Feel the wind in your hair.  Escape. Enjoy the freedom and experience our great country.

Are you a fan of road trips?

What have you experienced in your road trips?

Have any favorite photos, stories, travels, share them below!

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  • Macbanana10

    Dude, you have no idea about well-documented trips! I overkill it, beyond overkill. The last road trip I took, 1,000 pictures over a period of three days

    • Thanks for the comment and your obvious passion for road trips!  On my last 9 day trip, the picture count was over 300, primarily because I chose to spend more time with my friends on the trip than behind the lens.  I got some time to shoot at certain locations, but the goal of the trip was not to document every single moment, but to experience the open road and time with my friends!

      Thanks again!

  • Wpbdan

    The top pic at the “Continental Divide” says “North Carolina”  Last I checked, the Continental Divide is in the Rockies.  

  • Wpbdan

    Also, Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.  You should travel more.  I’ve been to all of these places.  So, I’m right, Dammit!

  • Wpbdan

    Damn.  Now I see it says California to North Carolina. I should read more…
    Anyhow, I am glad to see another discover the joys of traipsing across America. I have been doing it for the last 2 years, constantly, and I wish I started 20 years ago.

    • Thanks for all the passionate comments! LOL We actually crossed the continental divide in Arizona (in that picture) and again the next year in Wyoming.  Our 2007 trip went from NC through VA, WV, KY, IL, OH, SD, WY, ID, NV, AZ and then CA. (and I probably forgot one in there somewhere) – I have only a few more states to see and I will have been to all 50, but by no means have I seen all this great country has to offer.

      Thanks again, would love to see a blog or photos from your expeditions!

  • Nicki

    Huge fan of the road trip. I usually a base a trip outside (of Alaska) so that driving is included in some form.

    Have done a couple times halfway cross country, LA to STL (KC) and back. Southern route 40 over, northern 70 back.

    Even family trip to Vegas, the fam drive to AZ, by Sedona for a few days with parents.

    Last trip to Cali, starting and ending, included a little jaunt up to Vegas and back, for SEMA.

    Love hitting the road. It’s Zen like.

    Also have travelled the ALCAN with a dozen teens in a 10 passenger van, Anch to George, WA. Fantastic trip!

    A good friend said to me (who I’ve driving to Fairbanks from Anchorage and back a dozen times or so with teens) that the best friend and navigator is one you have no uncomfortable silences and
    never feel the need to talk. Enables you to get into your own zone, and appreciate what you get to see along the way.

    So last question for you. When is our turn? Frankly i keep thinking about shirking a cruise next spring and opt instead for a road trip. Ha!

    • That is one of the reasons that Mike and I really road trip together well.  We both can navigate and drive, but there are not any uncomfortable silences.  We can go an hour or two without talking to one another and it isn’t weird.

      In regards to our turn, I say either we get back to AK or you get out to NY and we can start going from there.  The other trip we have been discussing is a Key West, FL trip.  Juliet is game, so long as were not on the road for 8-10 hours a day, she goes stir crazy around 4-5 hours. LOL. 

      But yeah, I think it is a definite need here in the next year.

  • Great list of road trips! I did one epic trip in 2009 covering 19,000 miles but haven’t gotten to do as many over the past two years. Once I save a few more bucks and buy another vehicle, I’ll be ready to hit the road again!

    • Damn, 19k miles, that is pretty massive, would love to hear about that one.

      The nice thing is that 3 of the 4 road trips I have taken (that I wrote about here), someone was moving.  First 2, my buddy Mike moved from CA to NC, then back to CA. The 2011 one, I was moving from CA to NY, so the car situation was taken care of.  Only the 2009 one was purely vacation and we rented a car, which wasnt bad between 3 people.

      I would love to take more trips now, but both of our cars take premium gas, so while it is fine for our daily use, when filling up 3-4 times in a few days span, it adds up quick!

  • Before I took this trip I was a huge fan of weekend road trips, they are some of my best memories.

    • I agree, just some of the best ways to use the weekend, to get away and enjoy somewhere other than your own home.  Laundry can wait, trust me.

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