June 5: Embrace Spontaneity

Too many times in life, we want, we need, a plan. I have even written about having a plan.  We have been structured by corporate america to plan everything.  Most of us live on a schedule, at least from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  This becomes the norm, so we begin to plan our weekends too.

Unfortunately, to maintain some semblance of structure, this planning is needed.

To an extent.

But what happens when structure becomes routine?  Can you really plan for something different? Can you plan for adventure?

What better place than here, what better time than now?

When the opportunity presents itself that invites you to be spontaneous, TAKE IT.

Take the road less traveled.

Take a chance.

Take a risk.

Live your life.

What do you have to lose by being spontaneous?  My guess is probably something you wouldn’t have eventually lost somewhere else.

spon·ta·ne·ous –adjective

1.coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency, without effort or premeditation, natural and unconstrained, unplanned

The main point here, without premeditation. Act on impulse, see where the road takes you.

To some, it comes more natural than it does to others.  Some are scared of it, scared to break their routine, change their plans, take an adventure.  And then there are those that embrace it.

I like to call it the “ah, fuck it” moment.  What happens when the opportunity presents itself to take an impromptu adventure?  You say “ahh, fuck it, let’s do it!”

The best example I can give of embracing spontaneity is one of fellow blogger Jaime.  And I apologize up front, as I will probably butcher the story a bit, but the simplicity and awesomeness of how I remember it is what makes it special to me, and a great representation.

Jamie, after a tumultuous few years had felt a longing for long term travel.  So he researched and researched it, planned and planned.  All the white, going day in, and day out, to a job that was the means to his ends.  It supported his growing savings account that would fun his travel.  Originally planning to leave in August 2011 on an around the world trip, that all changed when he came across airfare to Central America for significantly less than he planned on.  The big difference, the flight left in March, not August.

The decision to buy that discounted plane ticket was Jaime’s “ahh fuck it, let’s do it!” moment.  Since then, Jamie has been traveling around Central America, meeting up with other travel bloggers as they travel the world too.  Opportunities that might not had presented themselves if Jamie would have kept to his plan and waited til August.  Jamie took a chance and it changed his future.

You can follow along with all of Jaime’s adventures on Twitter and his blog.

So now, on June 5th, instead of having this Sunday off work, dreading returning to work Monday morning, Jamie is relaxing on a beach in Mexico with 2 great friends and fellow travel bloggers, Erica and Shawn.

This is the power of embracing spontaneity.

Day 5. Way 5. Have an “ahh fuck it, let’s do it!” moment.

Do you embrace spontaneity?

Do you love the impromptu adventures?

Please share your comments, photos and other amazing spontaneous stories in the comments below!


Photo Credit – Jaime

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  • Thank you for mentioning me in this post and using my story to inspire others. You got it all right… that is exactly what happened. I know now for sure I am so glad I purchased that ticket. It was not part of my plans at all but it has changed my life completely. I am so happy now its crazy. Life is amazing & everyone should be happy not matter what it is they wanna do!!!

    • You were the best example that came to mind of something extraordinary happening when being spontaneous.    The trip itself was inspiration, but seeing you jump the gun and dive in 6 months early.  Truly spontaneous and amazing.

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