June 7: Spin the Globe

June 7: Spin the Globe

If you couldn’t already tell by following me on twitter or reading my blog, I am a travel addict.  I believe in breaking out of the norm and engaging new experiences.

Now, I could have made this “1 Day, 1 Way to Get Busy Livin’ – TRAVEL” but it just didn’t have the same ring to it.  I turned 31 back on June 4, so I am covering 31 ways to Get Busy Livin a more fulfilled life.

With all of the cool ways to travel, one of those ways that Mike and I have always toyed with is a game known as “Spin the Globe.”  Now, this game is not for the faint of heart, or those light in the wallet.


First things first, find a friend (or 2) who are in for the game.  Once you have your traveling buddies, pick your timeline, preferably 7-14 days, enough of a vacation for everyone, while still allowing everyone to get the time off work.

House Rules

Now, this game can be played a number of ways, so pick your house rules amongst your traveling partners, and go from there.  You can choose to narrow the field down a bit, set certain guidelines, etc. It is limited only by your interpretation.

The Game

You can use a dartboard and a map, but we prefer using a globe.  A good, old fashioned one that has some  well oiled bearings in it and spins like crazy.

7 days prior to your departure, gather your travel buddies, and maybe a few good friends to cheer you on.  One of the travel buddies takes the globe and gives it a good, hearty spin. The 2nd travel buddy, with his/her eyes closed, stops the globe spinning and points to a spot on the map.  If the 2nd person’s finger landed on a country/city/island, that is your destination. *Note: Destination must be international and easily accessible with only a passport. if you want to add in countries that will require travel Visa’s, add ample time to allow for those arrangements

You now have 3 days to book your airfare/car rental/hotel/whatever you need.  No price shopping. No package shopping. Barely any planning. Spontaneous decision. Instantaneous gratification.

Game on.

Day 7. Way 7. Forget the bottle. Spin the Globe.

What is the most spontaneous, crazy, random, impulsive travel you have ever taken?

Share your stories and photos from those crazy travels below!

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Justin Hamlin

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  • Always wanted to do this one day!

    If you’re a little short on funds, why not mix the advice you gave a few days ago (Hit the road Jack) and just get a map of the country you live in and point out a place!Much better for the budget and a lot easier to get friends on board. 🙂

    • That is the joys of the “house rules” – you can twist the game to fit certain budgets, visa’s, local, international, etc. I went to the most extreme because that is how we have talked about it for years.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • 7days before trip? It can be expensive holidays with current air fares…

    • That is somewhat of the point!  As I said, it isn’t for the faint of heart or those light in the wallet, it CAN get expensive, but at the same time, plan accordingly.  Maybe dont do the trip during holiday season, etc.

  • TC

    We’ve played a similar game in the past:  Drive to the airport.  Get on the very first flight they will let you get on.  Go from there.  🙂

    • T – that was on my list.  So want to do that.  Just catch the next outbound plane you can get on to an island, etc, or just to anywhere in particular.

      Great minds think alike!

  • I’ve always dreamt of doing something like this or going to the airport and booking the next available flight.  I think that would be killer!  Unfortunately, I’m a broke fool so I’ll have to put this one on the back burner for now.

    • I know that feeling!  This is on the bucket list for me, writing this post just made me want to do it more!

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