June 9: The Long Road Home

As of January 28th, 2011, I walked away from corporate America.

Since then, I have not driven to work, or home from work. I have sat behind a computer in a hotel, driven Juliet to and from work in the snow, driven cross country, everything, except for gone to an actual job, which means, I miss the most important part of my day that I looked forward to for so many years.

I can’t take the long way home from work.

The short way home is filled with other motorists, other commuters, large, monotonous interstates, boring scenery, exhaust fumes, McDonalds, car dealerships, everything I hated about Southern California.  Only when time was of the essence did I take the short way. Whenever possible, I opted for a different alternative.

My mindset was that we, as cubicle dwelling, corporate America denizens, spend 1/3 of our day staring at computer screens, muted cloth walls, drab meeting rooms, stoic water coolers and so much more, why not take advantage of the time away from work, the time we feel is ours and ours alone.

When the opportunity presents itself, indulge your curiosity, discover your inner explorer and find a new route home from work.  Take side streets, a different interstate, a canyon road, a dirt path.

Leave the worry of work behind and embrace the unnatural path.  Free your mind, seek out empty roads.  Discover an unknown road. Don’t make your drive home just about getting home, make it an adventure.  Enjoy the journey for the journey, not just due to the destination.

Too often the drive home from work is nothing more than an extension of job that we just spent the last 9+ hours at, yet we are not getting paid to think about/worry about/dwell on MORE WORK.  The mental break needs to come when you hit the driver’s seat.

Break the monotony and change up the drive home.  Take the long way.  Change your scenery, change your view.  Arrive home with a clear mind, a fresh outlook and a renewed vigor for life.

Day 9. Way 9. Change your scenery. Change your view. Break the monotony. Take the long way home.

Do you take the short way home, or the long way?

What do you do to break the monotony?

I would love to hear your methods of breaking the work mindset, please share them below in the comments.




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