June 10: First Flight

Spontaneous Travel.  Not typically 2 words that go together.  Travel is something that most American’s treasure.  They plot, they plan, they research, they save, they adapt, they change, they document and then, when everything appears to be perfect, they book their travel.   6 months in advance.

There is absolutely nothing spontaneous about it.  It’s planned. It’s mundane. But unfortunately, in today’s travel industry, for anyone booking hotels, rental cars and worst, airfare, booking in advance is the only way to ensure affordable rates.

Due to supply, demand, rising fuel costs and other factors, costs to book airfare travel can triple and quadruple in cost when comparing prices 6 months prior to travel and prices 2 days prior to travel.  That change alone is one of two factors that cause most people to plan travel many months in advance, the other being the need for a well structured plan and to ensure approved time away from work.

A few days back, we talked about spinning the globe, today, we talk about taking all of the previously discussed preconceived notions of travel and throwing caution to the wind in a new travel adventure that lends itself very well to your own house rules.  Same caveat here, this is not for the faint of heart of those light in the wallet, as this can get expensive, quickly.


As with spinning the globe, you can do this with some traveling partners, or by yourself.  Dependent on the house rules you define, pack accordingly and head to the airport.  Only carry on bags allowed here.

House Rules

You can set your own house rules to structure the trip as needed by any outside influences or prerequisites such as picking a certain direction (north, south, east or west), international or domestic, limit to a certain carrier or a certain distance.

The Game

Grab your bag, catch a cab to the airport, and pick a departure terminal.  On the departures board, scope out the next available flight that you can get on (typically, airlines will not sell tickets within 30-60 minutes of departure time in order to ensure passengers can get through security, allow for checked bags, etc.) and get a ticket in your hand.  For the adventure hunter in you, make sure it is a 1 way ticket.  No Round Trip tickets allowed here!

The best part of the journey is the unknown.  With purchasing tickets so close to your departure, with the exception of in-flight Wi-Fi, you typically will not have time to research your destination, things to do, places to see, hotels to stay at, restaurants to eat at.  This is a fly by the seat of your pants adventure that will test your improvisation and your ability to adapt.

To me, that is what you call an adrenaline rush!

Day 10. Way 10. Get to the airport, get a flight. The First Flight.

What is your best flight booking story?

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