June 19: Throw Caution to the Wind

Every once in a while, you need to stop playing it safe, stop making excuses and throw caution to the wind.  Take a chance on someone.  Take a chance on yourself.

Today, instead of giving made up examples and speaking to direct reasons to take my advice, I am going to share a story and throw caution to the wind in hopes that my readers can glean my message from my story.

Just 1 year ago, my (then) fiance and I had just returned from our trip up to Sonoma and Napa, CA where I proposed (and she said YES) to our routine daily jobs and our stable, safe life.

In that past year, we have been a little busy:

Needless to say, we have thrown caution to the wind a few times.  But nothing like this weekend.

This weekend’s excursion was decided upon less than a week ago and turned out to be such a great experience, a testament to my optimism and belief in the generosity of others and how paying it forward really works.

It was around 4 weeks ago that I first came across Team Cocktail on Twitter through a Thursday tweet up that happens ever y week.  We had exchanged tweets, I had checked out their website and loved some of their gear.  I had even tried out a few of their cocktails that were posted on their blog.  I was a fan. I even bought a shirt.

After multiple more interactions, all on Twitter, Juliet and I took a big leap of faith and threw caution to the wind.  Team Cocktail was announcing their plans for their 2012 cruise, a group discount brought the prices down to a reasonable level, so Juliet and I jumped on it. We put down our deposit and are booked for the Team Cocktail Cruise in January 2012, our first cruise, headed towards the South Caribbean and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

You heard me correctly, we booked our first ever cruise with a group of people we have never even met in real life.

Shortly thereafter, I did a blog writeup for Team Cocktail about one their amazing pineapple mojito.  Great advertising for my blog and their site, it was a win-win situation and helped out Team Cocktail as they prepared for their trip from Kansas to Washington D.C. for  the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Fest.

A few more emails were exchanged and on about a week’s notice, Juliet and I made the 310 mile trek down from NY to DC to help out Team Cocktail with being exhibitors hawking Team Cocktail swag to all of the party-goers in Washington DC!

We drank, ate, partied, sold, bartered and had an absolutely great time with Trey and Lyndsey from Team Cocktail and are looking forward to the January cruise even more so now that we have met Trey and Lyndsey in person.  Great fun, great people and the start of a great friendship.

None of this would have been possible if we didn’t take a chance, threw caution to the wind and made a 310 mile drive to meet some people from Twitter.

Day 19. Way 19. Throw caution to the wind. Take a chance. You might be surprised with the outcome.

Share a story about when you threw caution to the wind and any success stories to go along with it in the comments below!

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  • Nicki

    So I’m thinking, even more now, how much fun are we going to have in January. I wish we were in a state when tossing out caution as above was doable on a whim. Alas most takes careful planning. Last, kind of last minute trip was one to Cali, with a side trip to Las Vegas to meet up with some of my favorite friends of all times…and I get to see them again on said cruise in January and getting to meet these fabulous new friends of yours.

    Quite jealous of your impromptu moments of late, J.

    • Exactly, January is shaping up to be a great time.  Seriously cannot wait now.  The bad part though, Lyndsey and Trey almost had us convinced to join them at the Beer Bourbon and BBQ fest in North Carolina in a few weeks!  Almost, I say 🙂

      • We’re not giving up! Over a month to convince you…

  • Jacs_13

    My cousin (not me) complained and moaned about her very well paying, great benefits, lots of vacation time government job for three years, it was terrible listening to it.  It drove me to drink I swear! I kept telling her to quit and go travel or something, find a job elsewhere, do something she wanted to!  She liked the job, but hated the people she worked for and thought she was getting treated HORRIBLY (She kinda was).   She said she was too scared ( $, moving, no family etc) and kept working at it.  I got a hold of her resume, took one of her cover letters and adjusted it slightly and got an email ready for off  a company in B.C., I told her about it just before I got her to press send, of course she freaked but three weeks after that she got a phone call from B.C – Guess where the little devil is now?  If only I could do something like that for myself.  The chick owes me one! 

    • That is awesome, but begs the question, why can’t you do something like that for yourself?

  • Great message I wish more people would do this!!! 

    Ummm, but where did you get that shirt? I love it “Travel Global, Drink Local”… I so want one!!!

    • Yeah, awesome quality too.  Use the Team Cocktail link below, all their stuff is great, also, if you order once you get back to Houston, I am sure Lyndsey from TC could get you the shirt within a few days!

  • We are so happy your threw caution to the wind twice for us! So great getting to meet you in person…great people…great times!  The Beer & Bourbon Festival in NC is just around the corner! 🙂  Just kidding…but we’ll for sure see you in January! Cheers!

    • Was a great time, now to see if we can swing the festival in NC to hang out with you guys and some other friends of ours.  Here is to hoping we can work it all out, worse case, we will see you all in January!

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