June 20: Get Lost (Again)

Back on June 6 I talked about turning off your GPS, putting away the map and taking a road less traveled.  Getting lost in your local area to find the parts of your town/city/county/state that you have never explored before.  Today, we explore a different type of getting lost.

This type of lost is more time consuming, yet easier on the wallet and requires no use of GPS or a map.

Take a step away from work, away from the house, away from whatever your normal, daily life entails, and lose yourself in a story that transports you miles/years/worlds away from here.

Relax a little. Read a little.

No work manuals, no tech journals, no textbooks, no white papers, no cook books. Good old fashioned stories.  Stories that engross you.  Stories that envelop you.  Stories that engross you to the point that before you know it you have spent the past 4 hours reading, completely lost in the story, without even realizing it.

“Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.” – Mark Twain

Ever since the advent of the e-Reader, I have fallen in love with reading again.  I used to buy paperback books that looked interesting from the book store, but whenever I couldn’t find the time to make it down there, or Target did not have anything too interesting on their shelves, it seems that my recreational reading fell to only when I traveled, as I would but the books from the store in the airport terminal to read on the plane flight ahead of me.

Now, there is Amazon.

I have found my love of reading again. From fiction to documentaries, novels to short stories, the virtual book stores that can be found online, complete with recommendation engines, ratings, feedback, finding books has never been easier.

It has never been easier to find a story to get engrossed in, a story to lose yourself in.

A story to find yourself in.

Day 20. Way 20. Get lost, again, this time, in a book.  Lose yourself, find yourself and be transported while doing so.

What books have you read lately?

What books would you recommend to others?

Share your favorites, stories and recommendations in the comments below.

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  • Jacs_13

    Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. I stole it from a doctor’s waiting room and didnt put it down for 4 days. It is genius.  BIG recommendation to all people out there, I loved it. You will want to go to Sweden after, promise. Try it you will hide from the rest of society and finish it when you start that journey!  PLUS Daniel Craig is in the American movie version coming out in December 😉 

    • Nicki

      Isn’t this a reading series? I’ve heard of the “Girl” books. Saw them on the book exchange at the airport last time, actually but opted away. Lately, Im reading Blind Allegience. Been quite eye opening. Usually I go for a reading series, such as Twilight or Sleeping Beauty Diaries.

      • Jacs_13

        Yup there’s three, they’re all awesome.  Really really good series, too bad the author died 🙁  Ah yes, Twilight and Anne Rice.  Anne is by far my favourite author!  Good choices! Love her vampire and witch novels! Great escapist stuff…living with my head in the clouds usually! 🙂 

      • Yeah, Mike actually recommended them to me, they are actually pretty easy reading, but very engaging.  At times, the Swedish to English translation is awkward, but overall, great set of 3 books.  

    • I loved the Millenium Series.  Cannot wait for the movies.

  • Bryan

    Last book I read, I started at the beginning of 2009 and finished at the end of 2010 (having kids prevents me from doing much in the way of recreational reading, or being able to make progress through a book very quickly). 

    The book was a good one that I recommend: “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road” by Neil Peart (Yes, the drummer from Rush).  It’s actually somewhat of an autobiography where he writes about his journey through grief in the loss of his wife and daughter, so he takes off on a motorcycle journey with no defined destination all over the US including Alaska, Canada and Mexico.

    This recommendation is actually fitting for your blog and the theme of this post: Travel, Travel with no plan, getting lost, etc.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely have to check it out.

      and as far as finding time to read, I know what you mean, I try once in a while to just pick it up as I am going to bed, get a little bit read before falling asleep, it is a few pages further than if I would have stayed on the computer!

  • Sean

    Great article Justin! I’m currently reading Onward by, Howard Shultz. He’s the founder of Starbucks and has instilled in me a new found respect for them.

    A lot of people bad mouth Starbucks for what they have become. This book tells everything he has done to build the company to where it is today. A great read and I recommend it to anyone.

    • *gasp* Sean commented on my blog!?! I about dropped my phone when I saw that email come in!!

      I am reading the same thing, loving the book so far, hit a snag and have not read in a week or two, but will pick it up in the next few days again.  Feel the same way about Starbucks, definitely an interesting perspective for a book and a great insider look at the company.