June 22: Be Charitable with your Feet

I must admit, this is probably the oddest headline I have written, but let me explain, as this is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.

With so many charitable organizations to donate your time to and numerous volunteer organizations that need your support, you seriously cannot go wrong by choosing a cause to get involved with.  While out in California, one that Juliet and I seriously got involved with was the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

Without a big, long, drawn out explanation, CHOC is very near and dear to our hearts after being instrumental in helping ensure the health of many people very close to us.  Children saved from cancer. Babies diagnosed and treated for rare sicknesses.  CHOC is just an outstanding organization.

Charity sees the need, not the cause.  ~German Proverb

The basis for this blog is one of the many fundraisers that CHOC has each year, but by a sheer numbers standpoint, it is also one of the most successful.  The best part, it involves physical activity and over 14,000 of your best friends.

The CHOC Walk was started over 20 years ago, has grown to over 14,000 participants that take over the Disneyland Resort to walk 5 kilometers to help raise over $1.5 million to help CHOC and the children they save.  On top of participating in a 5k, the overall event takes 2-3 hours and is an absolutely heartbreaking and uplifting event that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment that you are donating your time (and a few dollars) to a very worthy cause.

The day starts as any 5k does, with walker registration and the congregation of all participants at the end of Main Street U.S.A. within Disneyland.  There is a general sense of camaraderie and a buzz from the crowd.  Instead of thousands of runners warming up, you have thousands of people that have donated their time to walk for charity to support their child, or their brother, or cousin, or friend’s son, or any of the millions of families that are affected by CHOC.

Posters are held. Matching t-shirts have been made for the team. Babies in strollers. Survivors.

Everyone is there because they have personally been affected by such a wonderful organization as CHOC who dedicates their mission to helping children.

The walk officially starts and a Master of Ceremonies can be heard over the loudspeakers, welcoming each team, each group, each poster, anyone who walks by and waves.  Music fills the air.  The vibe and buzz never stop.  The walk routes throughout Disneyland Park, Disney’s California Adventure Park and finally culminating in Downtown Disney.

Along the way are all the Disney characters, cheering the walkers along, high-fiving all of the walkers, stopping for photo opportunities and generally giving the whole walk a Disney atmosphere.

While the whole event takes over 60 minutes to walk 3.2 miles due to the sheer amount of people, nobody is here to set a record time, or even power walk, for that matter.  Everyone is there to share their story, hug and engage others.  This walk is for the kids and all the lives they have touched.

So hunt down a charity walk or run, and get involved.  Get your exercise. Donate a little money. Give a little time. Be Charitable, with your feet.

Day 22. Way 22. Be Charitable. With your feet.

Have you participated in any charity walks?

If so, which ones?

What other ways would you recommend to be charitable with your feet?

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  • Jacs_13

    Love this post Justin!!! Great use of your blog!!! I’m a big fan of charity events that bring people together to support a good cause.  I am the registration coordinator for the Run for the Cure in my district, last year we raised over 1/2 a million dollars it was fantastic! To be apart of something like that is …well, its beyond words. To see all those people in pink, hear all the survivor stories and to see all of the people who show up despite the battle they are facing is truly remarkable! This year I walked in the Walk for MS event, walking for those who can’t does add a little perspective to your life.  I really do high five people who donate their time and resources to doing something that helps others. 

    • Glad you enjoyed it!  It is something that is very important to me, especially with that organization.  It feels so good to know your contributions are helping out all of the kids around you during the walk.

      You are so right, it is a remarkable feeling to be a part of that.

  • Nicki

    I’m not personally made of cash so my charity giving is often best served with my time. I do several events annually both personally and professionally as a representative of the credit union I work for, who is heavily into community service.

    There’s 3 different balls that I have never
    attended but rather work in the check out. I have met the most uplifting, and the most selfish (when it comes to silent auctions and what they can get for their “charitable contribution”). I love volunteering at our Dog Jog. All my animals are rescues, donations go to an organization that helps place strays. I do a checkstation at our Walk for Hope, which helps Alaskans with disabilities achieve their dreams.

    These are a few. Like I said, I often times can’t give monetarily but I’m more than able to volunteer my time. Giving, to me, is in action. I’d like to think that it’s in my bones.

    • Wait, so you work at a bank and you are NOT made of money? something is wrong with this equation!

      I hear ya Momma, sometimes it is hard, as most of these events have their “minimum donation” raised each year.  Just this past year we saw the CHOC walk raised from $25/person to $50/person as a minimum.  Now the money at the time, was not a huge ordeal for everything this organization has done for my family and people around me, but I really do encourage people to get involved with charitable organizations.  I even think there is an upcoming blog on that! 🙂

  • Great post, Justin – and great idea for the month of June, coming up with these 30 ways to “get busy livin.” Earlier this month I was charitable with my feet for the first time by running in that 5K that promoted literacy. I felt so good to do because not only was I exercising and pushing my running limits, I was also indirectly making a difference in the community to help both children and adults learn to read. This is something very simple a lot of people could do – even if they walked a 5K or any other distance, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. 🙂

    • Thanks Patricia! I remember your post about running that 5k and that was one of the things that inspired me to write this variation of a blog post I have wanted to write for a while. Just so happened to fit in with my June theme!

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