July 1: The Necessity of Pushing Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

July 1: The Necessity of Pushing Yourself Outside Your…

And here we have it.  The last and final installment of the series.  The last wise and sage bit of motivation and inspirational knowledge I get to impart for this series.

Some have asked me why I went with 31 days when June clearly only has 30 days.  While a completely legitimate question, my intent with this was not to match the number of blog posts with the number of days in the month, it was more closely tied to the fact that on June 4th, I turned 31 years young.  Also, when tackling the initial rush of ingenuity with this series, the piece that solidified my decision was the fact that the 31st entry would fall on July 1st, effectively giving me a final blog to help propel my readers into July and beyond, while offering a solidifying finale to the series.

If you have followed along with the series, I really have 3 running themes to all of these posts, 3 main areas where I believe that you cannot help but feel better about yourself and more alive, just by participating:

Finding Adventure

June 4: Hit the Road, Jack.

June 5: Embrace Spontaneity

June 6: Get Lost

June 7: Spin the Globe

June 9: The Long Road Home

June 10: First Flight

June 11: Blow Off Work

June 20: Get Lost (Again)

June 24: Take a Flying Leap

June 25: Map Your Escape Route

June 28: Choose Your Own Adventure

Embracing Action

June 1: Stop Reading My Blog

June 2: Take a Photo

June 8: Relax!

June 12: Take a Hike

June 14: Make Something New

June 15: Sell Your Crap

June 16: Stop Making Excuses and Achieve Greatness

June 17: Set a Deadline

June 18: Create a Bucket List

June 19: Throw Caution to the Wind

June 21: Dedicate Yourself to Yourself

June 23: Disconnect Yourself

June 30: Draw A Blank

Giving Charity

June 3: Say Hello to a Stranger

June 13: Be Kind, Rewind

June 22: Be Charitable with Your Feet

June 26: Selflessness and You

June 27: Find a New Best Friend

June 29: Go Out of Your Way


The underlying theme that I have been trying to convey is a pretty simple one.

It is absolutely necessary to push yourself outside of the confines of your comfort zone on a daily basis.

Far too often, as I have touched on before, Americans, hell, people, strive for COMFORTABLE. We strive to hit that point in our lives when we don’t have to work too hard, yet pull in a decent salary. Where we don’t have to try and constantly impress our wife/husband, but they love us anyways.

We strive to be AVERAGE.  Not for excellence, not to be a superstar. We strive to meet the status quo.  Not to beat it and call it our bitch.

Why is that?  Why don’t you strive to be perpetually amazing?

Each and every day we need to push ourselves to be better, to achieve greater things. We need to push ourselves to achieve what we never thought was possible.  No matter how big, no matter how small, we need to make forward progress each and every day.

Our limits are only defined by our previous shortcomings. We must constantly explore the boundary of what we have previously identified as our “limit” and then push those boundaries further.

Ordinary people don’t make history.

Ordinary people don’t even make the news.

Don’t be ordinary. Be extraordinary.

Day 31. Way 31. Be Extraordinary. Every. Single. Day.

What limits are you going to push today?

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Justin Hamlin

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  • Hey Justin, I like that you put these June posts in a collection. I will definitely backtrack and see what I could do because I’m all about experimenting. Cheers.

    • Glad you are enjoying them Matt.  I tried to be as comprehensive in my project when doing my final update for this mini-project and showing everyone the main theme that resonated throughout 3 different avenues.

      Best of luck with your experimentation!

  • Totally agree! I met a very wealthy stock trader once who was training with the Russians to go up in space as a civilian, he had climbed almost 7 of the highest mountains in the world (was training also for Everest) he had lunch on the titanic and was always pushing his limits.
    I’ll never forget him talking about “being comfortable” and how complacency was an absolute killer to living. He has always been an inspiration to me to push my boundaries and welcome being uncomfortable. i think travellers learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    Great post

    • I completely agree, it seems that not enough people do that.  A lot of people are very concerned with making money, buying a house, buying a car, etc, than they are about living their life in a meaningful or adventurous way.

      I guess that also lends itself to the mindset that some people are just happy being comfortable because they are too scared of the risk of failure.

  • Bryan

    Read every post in this series.  I have to give you props on the endeavor, it was an inspirational month of blog posts that I think would be worthy of being elaborated on, published and put into an inspirational book of some kind.  Good work man!  You’ve become a damned good writer!

    • Thanks B. I know that I probably used about 4 months worth of good blog posts here, and that really some of these could be expanded on, etc, but one thing I really wanted to accomplish this month was a series of posts that was quick, readable and relatable. Stories and storylines that could be read in a few minutes, rather than having to ask the reader to dedicate 15-20 minutes to get through.

      Thanks again for your support

  • Oh, wow – look at you getting all inspiring on us. Awesome!

    We were just talking about one of our *crazy* upcoming adventures and stopped for a second to think “Wait a minute – this isn’t crazy at all. This is how life should be.” Thanks for reaffirming.

    • Kent – 

      I completely agree.  My wife and I this past weekend took off on a 300 mile road trip to spend some time with friends up at their lake cottage.  The crazy part, we were invited, decided and were packed up and on the road within an hour.  Lazy Friday night turned into driving until 1am, but the trip was very well worth it.

      Cheers to another couple making “crazy” their normal!

  • Great message, I’m glad to have discovered your site. Now I’m off to check out all of the links from June! =)

    • Glad you enjoyed it and stumped across the site, hope you like everything else you read!

  • Great post! I try to live this mantra every single day- be better, be extraordinary, be special and do.

    • Exactly! Too often people adopt a life of inaction, now it is time to turn that into extraordinary action seeking adventure!

  • So happy I discovered these posts… It seems I have some reading to do… Excellent. And Happy Birthday (belated)

    Stay adventurous, Craig

    • So glad you found them, Craig, and I hope you like them!  Was a labor of love over the 31 days but I am very happy with the results and continue to use a lot of these in my daily life!