Foto Friday – December 2, 2011

Today’s photo comes from central park in New York City.  With family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we took an opportunity to play tour guide and show our family around NYC.  After a wonderful breakfast, we ventured into Central Park to enjoy the overcast and rainy morning.  Taken from over one of the Trump sponsored skating rinks on the south end of Central Park, the low clouds, fog, rain and the last remnants of Fall colors provided a great depth and ambiance to the gorgeous NYC skyline.

This Foto Friday marks a few changes as of late, the primary one being my (attempted) return to my Foto Friday posts, as well as an addition to the camera arsenal. I originally started my Foto Friday posts with only shots from my Canon SLR, however recently with work being as hectic as it has been, my iPhone is the only camera that I have on my 95% of the time anymore, so this is the first iPhoneography shot to be featured on Foto Friday.

The shot was taken with the built in camera on the iPhone, stitched together with AutoStitch and cleaned up with SnapSeed.

Hope you enjoy it.

Camera – iPhone 4 | Software – AutoStitch, SnapSeed

Do you have any photos from some great, non-traditional Thanksgiving events?


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  • Great shot… I like it a lot. 

    Im trying to figure out what is the 3rd building from the left? It looks like a building inside of a building or is it the reflection of the other building?

    • Thanks Jaime!

      And that 3rd building would be a reflection of the other building.

  • TMC from CP

    Interesting…I like the “shadow skaters”.  Is that a product of the iphone or the stitching?

    • its a product of the stitching of the images together.  The stitching app works great but creates that shadow effect when there is a moving object when stitching and its not in the same place.