How I Saw the Boston Freedom Trail for Free

How I Saw the Boston Freedom Trail for Free

I wouldn’t normally consider myself a budget traveler as I do enjoy the luxurious side of travel, but when an opportunity comes up for a great deal, far be it for me to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Upon spending time in Boston, MA for work lately, i quickly became familiar with the Boston Freedom Trail.  There are advertisements for walking tours, bus tours and even themed tours.  With this much advertising, I knew this was something I wanted to experience.

Some quick searching online the following day brought up some great recommendations for the multiple tours, companies, etc.  After seeing a map of the trail and its 3.5 – 4.0 mile path throughout downtown, north end and over into the Boston Naval Yard and Bunker Hill, I decided to do it on my own, without the need of paying for a guided tour, tour bus or time constraints.

Armed with about 3 hours of sunshine left and a handy iPhone App, Freedom Walk, I headed out on my journey.  The app provided great directions and thorough information on all of the sites, while a beautiful Boston afternoon provided a great backdrop for an afternoon of history:

If you ever find yourself in Boston with a few hours free, I definitely recommend walking the Freedom Trail and taking in the sights and history that envelop the city.

Justin Hamlin

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  • I’m very jealous, despite being on the East Coast I have never been to Boston, perhaps I should plan it for 2012…

    • You totally should.  Boston is a great city that is just enveloped in history.  I would choose it over NYC any day.

  • I was in Boston a couple of years ago and it really is one of America’s great cities…

    • It really is a great city.  Completely laid back vibe with all the qualities of a big city without being pretentious like NYC

  • Erika Schweitz

    Thank you for posting those great pictures, I was recently shifting through pictures from my NY – Boston – Washington DC trip in 2005 and could not for the life of me remember if that monument on your last picture was from Boston or DC (it does look like it might fit in in DC, does it not?)

    • Thanks for dropping by!  The last photo(s) are of the Bunker Hill monument which was actually built before the Washington monument in DC.  For my favorite photo of the Washington Monument, check out

  • Great images! Such a nice place to spend vacation.

    • Thanks Kerby, it is!  I have had the luxury of spending time there for work, and for vacation.  Wonderful city Boston is.  

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment!

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