Drinking Local NY : COMB Spirits

As our good friends at Team Cocktail say, their mantra since day 1 has been “It’s Beer O’Clock”, no, wait, wasn’t it “The Beach is Calling”? Nope, that’s not it…”Vodka, the Rum of the North”? Nope.  ARGH, how can I be forgetting this!?

Oh, that’s right


“Travel Global, Drink Local”

By drinking local throughout our adventures, not only do we educate ourselves on the differences in spirits around the globe, we support the local economy and the local producers of every kind of drink from rum, to wine, to beer, to vodka.

But what about drinking while at home?  Sure, there are craft breweries that are fairly accessible across the country, as well as wineries, but what about liquor?  Sure, Tennesseeians can enjoy Jack Daniels,and now, New Yorkers can enjoy COMB Vodka and Gin from StillTheOne Distillery in Port Chester, NY.

Little did we know that COMB’s CTO (that’s Chief Tasting Officer for you) Laura Tiedge was already a Team Cocktail fan!  We stumbled across a presentation of their Vodka and Gin at a local store and knew we had to meet these guys.  Introductions were made, emails were exchanged and we had an officially sanctioned Team Cocktail visit scheduled to tour and taste the entire line of spirits.

Upon first arriving at StillTheOne Distillery we are reminded that great products don’t always come from major companies with tons of money in research and development.  Great products and great ideas are born of passion and dedication.

An all in one shop where the distilling, testing and product development are performed on one side of the shop, with a small bottling system and storage on the other side of the space, the warehouse is approximately the size of a basketball court.

With the quick turnaround and efficient distillation processes, StillTheOne is able to maintain a few week turnaround from distillation to bottling to distribution.  This same process also allows them to easily produce 4 different spirits with ease.

Filling a niche that founder Ed Tiedge identified a few years ago, StillTheOne produces a honey distilled Vodka, Gin, a White Brandy and a traditional brandy.  And let me be the first to say, they are WONDERFUL.

Currently COMB Spirits are only available in the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey area and expanding farther by the day.  If the first 2 years of success are a sign of things to come, I have a feeling that you will see COMB Spirits nationwide in the not too distant future.

Juliet and I spent the better part of an hour talking with Ed about his passion, his background and the wonderful story that is StillTheOne Distillery and for that, we are completely grateful.

So enough with the talk and onto the photos and video.

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