10 Epic Days.

10 Epic Days.

What do you get when you combine the most beautiful beaches in the world with 62 of your best rum-indulging friends?

A 10 day party of epic proportions.

If you haven’t been following along with our Twitter or Facebook feeds, you (somehow) missed that Team Cocktail and JustinHamlin.com teamed up (ok, i paid and went along, just like everyone else) for an amazing 7 day cruise of the south Caribbean, filled with amazing excursions, impromptu parties and some of the best friends you will ever meet.

So, in honor of the 10 days spent in the Caribbean, here are my 10 favorite photos from the trip!

Now what good are photos without the stories behind them?  Stay tuned for the epic adventures from the islands!

Justin Hamlin

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  • Elle

    I think it goes without saying which one is my fav. The man in the 2nd to last picture is fabulous. I want him.

    • Ah, Mister Ward.  Bob is fantastic.  That was his Rookie of the Year coronation service.  Definitely one of those people whom you meet in life that you will never let go of.

  • Love this!  An amazing week captured in just a few pictures! Can’t wait for 2013!  Thanks for being so awesome Justin & Juliet!

  • Ooh can’t wait, looks iike you guys had so much fun.

    • was a great time! Cant wait to get more of the stuff down for the blog