Foto Friday – June 15, 2012

Foto Friday – June 15, 2012

Today’s Friday Foto picture comes to you from the Statue of Liberty in New York.  The photo was taken from the Staten Island Ferry in June 2011.  While the day that we were out on the ferry and around New York City wasn’t the most picturesque day, I do love how overcast, cloudy skies add to the dramatic effect of a black and white photo.

When viewed from this angle, I love how Her Lady Liberty stands so tall amongst the flat landscape behind her. Standing at only 305 ft tall from the ground to the top of the torch, the Statue would be dwarfed by many buildings in Manhattan, however, out here on her own island, she stands tall and proud, rising up out of the waterways, standing majestic.

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel XT | Lens – Canon 11-18mm

Justin Hamlin

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