Photo Tour of Boston’s Fenway Park

Photo Tour of Boston’s Fenway Park

Boston is one of our country’s oldest and most storied cities and there is never a shortage of things to do, see or experience while visiting Boston.

One of the things that you MUST do while visiting Boston, (and this goes without saying for pretty much any sports fan) is visit Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox.  For me, it was the opportunity to cross an item off my bucket list.

Tours run every hour on the hour and cost $16 for a 1 hour tour of the famed park and is, besides attending an actual game, the best way to see and experience the park.  The tour takes you from the club-run fan store across the street, all the way to the pavilion in right field, to the top of the green monster in left field, the announcers booth where the official score keepers sit, to the Hall of Legends and down to the lower level behind home plate.

For more information on tours, head on over to the Fenway Park site.

Like many of the modern stadiums, there doesn’t appear to be a bad seat in the stadium, except for the fact that Fenway Park is now 100 years old. Enjoy some photos from my recent tour to the famed ballpark.


The Tour Starts at the Team Store on Yawkey Way
Right Field Pavilion
Looking out towards the Monster
Budweiser Pavilion
Pavilion Tables
Score Keepers booth
Great view of the stadium and Downtown Boston
Walking up to the Monster
Green Monster Signage
View From the Top
Not Bad Seats
Basically, Don’t Fall Over, It’s a Long Way Down
$175/seat per game for Bar Stool Seats
Hall of Legends
Behind Home Plate
Wouldn’t Mind Sitting Here

And my favorite shot from the whole day

Wide View Panorama of Fenway Park


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  • I’m impressed, you made something I think is completely boring (baseball) seem somewhat interesting 🙂

    • Spoken like a true Canadian 😉 Ahh, imagine how great it would have been if you were a baseball fan!

  • I agree with Ayngelina, baseball is boring as hell but these pictures are beautiful!

  • Went for the first time last month (the Braves won, woot!), and it’s such a gorgeously retro park. My favorite thing were the concession signs under the seats like Cold Beer with a finger pointing towards the counter.

    • Erin – unfortunately I havent been there to see a game just yet, but it is still a breathtaking ballpark and its age is more of a charm than a hindrance, in my opinion