6 Months of Silence

6 Months of Silence

One of the largest points of self realization that I have come to accept is that I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. What sometimes seems like a minor side project, or a great idea, turns into a time suck that eventually falls by the wayside to be abandoned when priorities change.

At the end of the day, I am not a full time blogger.  Hell, I am not even a part time blogger.  Yes, I have a blog, but not always the time to update it.  Just look at some of my past blog posts.  I was gangbusters for a good 6 months, maybe even 8 months.  Then I had to find a real job in my career field.

This isn’t a post to promise 100% rededication to the blog, or all sorts of new things to write about, because quite frankly, I know I don’t have the time.  So rather than give a few teasers about what the upcoming blog posts will be about, I figured one, giant update would suffice to cover the last 6 months of my life and my pursuit to Get Busy Livin’.

June 2012, Nashville, TN

We took a quick weekend trip with our good friends at Team Cocktail and partied it up, Music City style.  A few days of honkey tonks, great music and great friends culminated with an awesome tailgate party and Kenny Chesney concert at LP Field.

We had no fun that day. At. All.
We had no fun that day. At. All.

 July 2012, CA State Fair

July was a bit of a down month for us in NY, with work taking up the majority of our time, we did manage to fit in a quick trip to Sacramento, CA to visit some friends and family and keep our annual pilgrimage to the state fair alive.  What ended up being 6000+ miles and 4 segments in 3 days for me, was definitely well worth the memories that were made.

Yes, the turkey legs are that good.
Yes, the turkey legs are that good.
Enjoying our weekend
Saw a lot of this over the weekend
Saw a lot of this over the weekend

To top it off, 50k miles for first class, if I am going to fly that much in a weekend, first class is definitely the way to go.

August 2012, Montreal, QC

In what ended up being back to back weekend exchange trips with our good friend Dana, we got the opportunity to use our extra Amtrak miles and take a trip from NY up to Montreal for a quick weekend visit.  We stayed downtown and got to experience old Montreal, the Notre Dame Basilica and much more, complete with our own local guide.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the trip:

Poughkeepsie, NY, our departure terminal
Beautiful scenery along the trip
Gorgeous sunset at the US/Canada border
Transportation options in Old Montreal
Inside gorgeous Notre Dame
Beautiful colored glass at the Palais des Congres
Enjoying Old Montreal
Yes, Dana even got me to buy a Habs hat
The beautiful exterior of Notre Dame

September 2012, Atlanta, GA

Clinging to the final weeks of summer, we arranged a last minute trip down to Georgia to visit some good friends of ours and relax for a weekend, complete with a traditional low country boil.  It was a great trip, albeit too short, as always, spent with some great friends, great food and making some great memories.

Common sight over the summer
Getting ready to head to the ATL
Departure from LGA, overlooking Manhattan
Shrimp boil in the works
Remainder of the fixin’s
The Feast

September 11, 2012, NYC

Living in NY and working in NYC, you are constantly reminded of the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks that forever altered our country’s path, and especially that of NYC.  The skyline of southern Manhattan is slowly regaining its form with the erection of the Freedom Tower and all the adjacent buildings.  I was able to take some time out on September 11th to spend some time in lower Manhattan with great vantage points of the Freedom Tower and reflect on all those who lost their lives that fateful day.

Skyline of the new Lower Manhattan
So much symbolism was put into this tower

October 2012, Boston, MA

With Fall quickly approaching, we took a quick trip out to Boston to spend some time with Chris and Taylor, Juliet’s nephew and his fiancé and to spend time in our favorite city in the North East.  We were joined by various friends throughout the weekend which including a night of bar hopping around Back Bay, a Sam Adams brewery tour with customary trip to Doyle’s and an early morning tour of Fenway Park.

Fenway Park, Lower Deck
Score Keepers Booth at Fenway
Forgot my ND filter for our sunflared group shot
This is before alcohol, honestly.
Two poles, two dancers
Enjoying the Sam Adams tour
We did way too much looking at beer
The Original. Yes, they knew my name
Chris & Taylor, very interested in Juliet’s story
Downtown Boston at Night

October 2012, Cold Spring, NY

What would amount to dumb luck, it appeared as a stroke of brilliance on our part as we ventured out near the middle of October to take some photos of the fall colors in nearby Cold Spring, NY, before Fall left us for good.  Little did we know, the following weeks would bring rain, chilling temperatures and mark the departure of all of the colors that brightened the landscape for Autumn.

Oranges, Reds, Browns and Greens covered the lawn
Could not have picked a more perfect day
One large tree covered the church grounds with fire orange leaves

October 2012, The Notice & Hurricane Sandy

Without as much hype as LeBron’s “The Decision”, Juliet was given notice at the end of October that we were being relocated again, this time back out West, but to Northern California.  San Francisco in particular, with her new position being based in the Financial District downtown.

All packed up and headed home
All packed up and headed home

Unfortunately with this being the 2nd time around, it wasn’t as dramatic of a “Holy Shit” moment, but rather the signal of the amount of work we knew would go into the next few weeks of moving.  Little did I know, but this photo, taken on a Friday, 3 days before my last day of work, would be the last time we would be in NYC due to Hurricane Sandy that devastated the Tri-State area.

Thankfully, we escaped unscathed, having only lost power for a few seconds, unlike some colleagues of mine who were without power for almost 2 weeks.

November 2012, The Move

Once we received notice, we had less than 2 weeks to get everything in order and get out to California.  Needless to say, this was a huge undertaking that required the coordination of a lot of moving parts, including finding a place to live, moving our entire house and a ton of other little details.

The first round of packing
The first round of packing
At the airport, ready to go
At the airport, ready to go

And finally, our new home town.

View from atop Lombard St.
View from atop Lombard St.
SF Skyline
SF Skyline

November 2012, Punta Cana, DR

What was originally planned to be our escape from the wintery weather of New York for Thanksgiving, turned out to be a nice reprieve from the previous 3 weeks of little rest and non-stop going, going, going.  We were able to kick our feet up and enjoy being catered to at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana.

This is how we spent Thanksgiving Day.
This is how we spent Thanksgiving Day.
Beachfront Bar.  OK!
Beachfront Bar. OK!
Poolside Drinks, we were definitely living the island life.
Poolside Drinks, we were definitely living the island life.

It has been a crazy 6 months, with vacations all over, mixed in with a relocation back out to the West coast, complete with dodging a hurricane and a snowstorm, it goes without saying that we have been making the most out of the time we have and are DEFINITELY Getting Busy Livin.

Stay tuned as I hopefully will post more blogs soon.  If not, see you in 6 months!

Justin Hamlin

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  • eriksmithdotcom

    Glad you are back! Hoping you guys have as good a 2013 as you did 2012!

    • Thanks Erik! Its been too long since I updated this here – I guess my standards for what I post are too high, they don’t match up well with my available time, so nothing gets posted. Such is my burden

  • Justin’s back! Justin’s back!! Looks like you’ve had quite a remarkable 2012. Wishing you many wonderful adventures in 2013!

    • Thanks Ms. Elle! And to think, that was just the last 6 months! 🙂

  • So happy to see this in my Google Reader. I am happy to see you blog but don’t do it unless you want to. If I have to wait every 6 months that is okay, at least I will know your heart was in every post you wrote.

    • Thanks Ayngelina – unfortunately, its not because I don’t want to, just so many other things in life get prioritized over the blog. I must have 10-20 different blog posts half written in Evernote, along with over 1000 photos taken in those 6 months. Just like has happened before, life gets in the way.