Time for Change

Cannot even begin to talk about all the happenings since my last post here, but have to admit, as my frequency of posting dropped, so did my motivation to post.  In reality, it was too tedious for me to post here, as all of my images had to be customized to a specific size or it overran my theme and, well, looked horrendous.

So the winds of change are coming.  I will be mixing up the theme here to focus more on my photography and less on my travel.  Not really a rebranding, not a re-launch, rather, just some makeup on this pig.

So stay tuned, hopefully I can get it updated to the point where posting becomes easier and I am able to share more photos on here with a lot more ease.

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  • Ayngelina

    So glad to see you are back 🙂

    • Thanks Ayngelina, definitely been something I have been missing and hopefully a new design will offer me less excuses not to post.

      Hope all is well!