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June 25: Map Your Escape Route

Throughout this month of directives on how to get busy living your life, I have focused on a lot of spontaneous travel related items, such as playing a few travel games, to getting lost. Today, I will take a look at the safer side of travel, and how you can […]

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June 24: Take a Flying Leap

The purpose of my blog has been to show my readers that it is quite simple to take positive actions every day towards leading a life worth living, a life out of the ordinary and a life that you can be proud of.  Things like changing your attitude, trying new […]

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Foto Friday – June 24, 2011

Around the time that I started my weekly Foto Friday postings, I came across a Twitter hashtag of #FriFotos, a hashtag used by twitter users the world over to share their photos on a certain theme.  These themes are typically announced mid-week by the #FriFotos host and garner a good […]

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June 19: Throw Caution to the Wind

Every once in a while, you need to stop playing it safe, stop making excuses and throw caution to the wind.  Take a chance on someone.  Take a chance on yourself. Today, instead of giving made up examples and speaking to direct reasons to take my advice, I am going […]

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June 10: First Flight

Spontaneous Travel.  Not typically 2 words that go together.  Travel is something that most American’s treasure.  They plot, they plan, they research, they save, they adapt, they change, they document and then, when everything appears to be perfect, they book their travel.   6 months in advance. There is absolutely […]

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June 7: Spin the Globe

If you couldn’t already tell by following me on twitter or reading my blog, I am a travel addict.  I believe in breaking out of the norm and engaging new experiences. Now, I could have made this “1 Day, 1 Way to Get Busy Livin’ – TRAVEL” but it just […]

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June 4: Hit the Road, Jack!

You heard me.  Leave. Scram. Go. Get in your car, and go.  Drive.  Pick a destination.  200 miles away or 20 miles away.  The distance does not matter.  Hell, the final destination does not matter.  The journey is the true destination of a road trip. Do not set a timeframe, […]

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31 Days and 31 Ways to Get Busy Living

I officially declare June as Get Busy Livin’ month. Since I started with my blog back in December of 2010 the tagline of “Get Busy Livin’” have really resonated with me and (obviously enough) impacted the direction that I take with this blog.  When I relaunched my blog with a […]

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10 Photos from My Bucket List

Okay, so I haven’t officially posted my bucket list yet, like I have wanted to.  It is coming, trust me. But here are some photographs that attempt to paint the picture of why these places are on my bucket list. So, what places are ‘must-see’ on your bucket list?  Let […]

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Foto Friday – May 27, 2011

When Mike and I embarked on our 2nd Epic Road Trip back in 2007, we had a much more lenient time frame than the previous year, and we also were not pulling a trailer either.  We chose to take a longer route and visit friends, family and other attractions along […]

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