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June 11: Blow Off Work

Work is just another 4 letter word. Sometimes you HATE it. Sometimes you LOVE it. But in the end, it is still WORK. We dedicate so much of our lives to making that paycheck, working 40-50-60 hour weeks, with time away from family and friends.  Planning vacations is fun, but […]

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June 10: First Flight

Spontaneous Travel.  Not typically 2 words that go together.  Travel is something that most American’s treasure.  They plot, they plan, they research, they save, they adapt, they change, they document and then, when everything appears to be perfect, they book their travel.   6 months in advance. There is absolutely […]

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Foto Friday – June 10, 2011

Today’s photo comes from a nearby New York Vineyard, Clinton Cellars.  This old barn is actually the tasting room for the winery and no longer functions as a barn, but proved to be very picturesque with the right photo touches.  Unfortunately, the wine was nowhere near as good as the […]

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June 9: The Long Road Home

As of January 28th, 2011, I walked away from corporate America. Since then, I have not driven to work, or home from work. I have sat behind a computer in a hotel, driven Juliet to and from work in the snow, driven cross country, everything, except for gone to an […]

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June 8: Relax!

In this series of posts, only a short 8 days in, I have brought up relevant ways for you to take action and get busy living your life.  Most include pushing yourself outside the boundaries of the social norm, outside of your comfort zone. But what happens when you have […]

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June 7: Spin the Globe

If you couldn’t already tell by following me on twitter or reading my blog, I am a travel addict.  I believe in breaking out of the norm and engaging new experiences. Now, I could have made this “1 Day, 1 Way to Get Busy Livin’ – TRAVEL” but it just […]

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3 Months In: State of the Blog (& it’s Author)

June 1st kicked off a month long project for me as well as marked the 3 month anniversary of relaunching the Get Busy Livin’ blog with a more focused direction.  I also walked over 10.5 miles around New York City with my nephew who was here in vacation.  Pretty strong […]

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June 6: Get Lost

In today’s world we are ruled by technology.  Even our vacations and other travels have become ruled by technology. We research vacations online, we book hotels, airfare, rental cars, excursions, all online.  We get to our vacation area, put an address in the GPS Navigation on our phones or in […]

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June 5: Embrace Spontaneity

Too many times in life, we want, we need, a plan. I have even written about having a plan.  We have been structured by corporate america to plan everything.  Most of us live on a schedule, at least from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  This becomes the norm, so we begin […]

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June 4: Hit the Road, Jack!

You heard me.  Leave. Scram. Go. Get in your car, and go.  Drive.  Pick a destination.  200 miles away or 20 miles away.  The distance does not matter.  Hell, the final destination does not matter.  The journey is the true destination of a road trip. Do not set a timeframe, […]

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